CH. Eagle Creek Rochill Knockout
OFA Hips/Elbows/Thyroi/CERF


Tyson & Charisma

Tyson Puppies

Trina (Tyson x Trinity)

Roche, Star and Green Collar
Tyson x Laila

"Kodak" - Tyson x Zoe
(Bella-Applejack Picture Perfect) 

Jackson & Buckley - Tyson x Zoe

So far, we are very happy with Tyson's puppies.
Below are some notes we've received about them:

"Can't begin to figure out how to tell you how thrilled Barbie and I are with these pups."

" Star is ... very confident around my Goldens.  It's like she knew she belonged with them."  

" Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dogs."  

" Nothing phases these puppies.  She is awesome."



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